When you become pregnant, your body starts changing a lot and very quickly. You may start feeling achy in your back, heavy and

tight in your belly, pain might travel down your leg, and you can feel tense through your neck and shoulders. Walking becomes more difficult, and things you used to do with ease are now a pain- (getting up out of bed anyone?). These things are common for so many pregnant women, and the reason is because your body is expanding and changing daily. Prenatal chiropractic care can assist the body in carrying, growing, and birthing your baby.

How does it work?

Prenatal specific techniques such as the Webster Technique are used to relax the muscles and joints that are connected to the uterus and pelvic bowl. Our pregnant patients lay face down on pregnancy pillows that have an opening big enough for the belly to eliminate pressure on the front of the body. We use a combination of gentle adjustments and muscle releases during the treatment that have been found to be most effective for pregnancy.

What trimester is best to start chiropractic care?

The first trimester! At your first confirmation of pregnancy, we recommend beginning prenatal specific chiropractic care. If a chiropractor or another healthcare provider has suggested you wait to receive prenatal chiropractic care until the second or third trimester, unfortunately they are not properly informed on prenatal chiropractic care. You should begin the Webster Technique for pregnancy in the first trimester by a qualified chiropractor.

Is it safe? Yes! Prenatal chiropractic is safe and effective. It is very important to see a prenatal specific chiropractor who has undergone additional training to serve this population. The gold standard treatment protocol is the Webster Technique. Be sure to ask your chiropractor if they are trained in this technique before using their services while pregnant. There are certain chiropractic techniques that should NOT be used on this population, and you want to make sure your chiropractor knows the right way to treat you.

Why is it important? Aside from helping you function better and relieve pain, prenatal chiropractic addresses three main areas of concern during pregnancy and birth: 1. Nerve interference to uterus: the nerves that exit the spine and control the tone of the uterus are responsible for sending signals to this organ to help the organ function properly. Your baby is growing inside the uterus and will require this organ to have healthy nerve function during the birth process. Adjustments can help reduce interference by improving your joint motion and reducing the inflammation surrounding the nerves controlling this region.

2. Nerve interference to baby: Your nervous system is responsible for growing your baby. Each day your baby will become more developed, creating new physical attributes and vital functions. Chiropractic care seeks to improve the overall health of your nervous system by improving your brain to body (and brain to baby) connection. We help to reduce your overall stress response and activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is better for baby’s development and the birth process.

3. Space inside uterus: When the muscles and joints surrounding your uterus are not moving properly and stuck in malposition it can lead to less room for baby in the womb and less room for baby to make their way through the birth canal. A wide, symmetrical opening with freely moving joints plays an important role in the birth of your baby. Chiropractic care helps your body create more space in the pelvic bowl for optimal position of baby during birth.

Research studies have shown that receiving chiropractic care while pregnant can lead to less birth complications and shorter labor times.

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