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Personalized Family Care

Experience True Wellness at Above Down Chiropractic

Located in West Palm Beach, FL, Above Down Chiropractic is a comprehensive chiropractic clinic that provides natural care for families who lead active lifestyles and seek treatment for their spine and nervous system. Dr. Natalie Rosenzweig specializes in techniques that are tailored to the needs of expectant mothers, children, and athletes. Her goal is to help patients build resilience and achieve authentic wellness that originates from within, following the principle of “Above-Down-Inside-Out.”

Family Focused Chiropractic Care

If you’re looking for family focused chiropractic care, we can help. Our approach is holistic and aims to detect and correct any interference to your nervous system that may be preventing your body from healing. Unlike other chiropractors who only treat symptoms, our practice addresses the root cause of your ailments. Patients seek our care for various reasons, including spinal pain, headaches, pregnancy discomfort, childhood neurological and spinal development, physical performance enhancement, and stress resilience improvement.

Comprehensive Patient Evaluations

Our practice provides comprehensive patient evaluations that include a detailed medical history, as well as spinal and neurological tests. Based on your individual needs and examination results, we create personalized care plans utilizing the latest research-backed techniques to promote quick healing and long-term wellness. For additional information and to determine if our practice is suitable for you, please contact us.


Our pricing/insurance coverage:

We do not participate with any insurance, and cannot accept Medicare eligible patients at this time. Ask about our discounted packages and monthly memberships to help save money on your care!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Dr. Natalie is a one of a kind chiropractor and simply the best! She truly listens to your needs and is always willing to go above and beyond to help you feel your best. We only have one body and its important we take good care of it. I started chiropractic care with Dr. Natalie about a year or two ago and I’m absolutely hooked! I 100% recommend her!
Jasmine Amor
Dr. Natalie is an incredibly knowledgeable, professional and kind human. She has done and continues to do wonders for my body, and she does so with genuine care. Finding a doctor who has their best interest in your health and well-being versus your wallet is unfortunately rare, and Dr. Natalie is a rare find. Highly recommend. Give her a shot. You’ll be grateful you did and so will your body!
Julie Maddaleni
Dr. Natalie is helping me to the road of recovery. I've suffered with back and neck issues for years and not only did she properly diagnose me before seeing any x-rays but she really took the time to understand my body and my history. In my experience, most chiropractors want to get you in and out as quick as possible and this is not the case with Dr. Natalie. She has the nicest way about her and I cannot recommend her enough!
Nicole Connaughton
When I describe Dr. Natalie, I often say she has “the hands of God”!. She’s patient, knowledgeable, kind and overall an extraordinary human. Professional and so good at her craft. I’ve also had several other referrals from her and my body and mind cannot thank her enough for them. I’m so grateful to have found Natalie!!
Darines Castro
Dr Natalie’s holistic and caring approach made all the difference when I was searching for a Chiropracter. She asks questions, listens and then does the same with your body. She has “angel hands” and I always leave feeling better. She offers advice and suggestions in other topics of health and I appreciate that as well. I also love her studio/office. It’s a peaceful place. I’m so happy with Dr. Natalies chiropractic care and highly recommend her.
Erika Delgado
As a fitness professional I am quite particular about who I trust with my body but what I love the most about Dr. Natalie’s practice is every adjustment is custom according to my body that day Vs. the same routined adjustment as I have experienced in the past with other practices. With her, I don’t feel like a number and I appreciate her diligence. Three months into my program I went from not being about to sit comfortably in my car to experiencing a significant increase in strength, sleep, stress management and overall health. I sent her my full book of business and they have experienced the same relief.
Zechariah Cesani
Dr. Natalie has truly changed my life for the better! After experiencing years of back and neck pain, I decided to prioritize my well-being. For the last year she has taken excellent care to my body each week. My overall pain, posture and health has immensely improved. Not only is she a wonderful Ciropractor, but she is also very knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition. Dr. Natalie provides a personal and warmhearted approach to her work. I look forward to seeing her each visit and I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Christina Cernik
Natalie is a great gentle practitioner. I recommend her to anyone looking for a chiropractor in West Palm Beach area.
Jeffrey Chaplin
I recommend Dr. Natalie to anyone seeking personalized chiropractic services in WPB. The office is clean and comfortable, scheduling is easy, and the care is the best I have seen. Dr. Natalie has helped me quickly recover from workout related injuries and has become an integral part of my health and wellness.
Jeffrey Sheldon
Dr. Natalie is the kindest, most patient, honest, and wise professional. She truly cares about each patient and gives the best individual care in West Palm. Would 100% recommend her to all of my family & friends.
Celeste Brown