Many people have the wrong idea about chiropractic care. Even current practice members of ours who have gone through our intake process and have received lots of education on chiropractic. That’s why I wanted to address the top 3 myths about chiropractic care that come up in my practice.

1. I can go to a chiropractor once and I’ll be “fixed”

I WISH! Honestly, if chiropractors had that kind of ability the world would be so much healthier and happier collectively. Healing in the body takes time and repetition. I often relate chiropractic care to exercise- when you want to create change in your body’s physiology you have to exercise routinely. One day at the gym doing bicep curls is not enough to give you strong biceps for the rest of your life.

Chiropractic care is changing your physiology and helping your body better adapt to internal and external stressors placed on us such as injury, toxic load, and mental stress to name a few. Much like starting an exercise program, we are working against areas that are not healthy any longer or may have never been healthy since birth when you begin care. We are interrupting set-in patterns of dysfunction, and helping your nervous system learn a new way of operating which is to be in its natural state of health and function rather than dis-ease. This takes time. That’s why consistent follow up visits according to the suggestions of your care plan are so important. Otherwise, you truly are not maximizing all that chiropractic care can offer you and are using this treatment as a temporary Band-Aid for your ailments.

2. If I go to a chiropractor, I will have to keep going

If you go to a chiropractor, your chiropractor is going to suggest a care plan. If they don’t, they are not committed to your healing. Care plans or “treatment plans” provide the necessary course of action for you to get better and stay better. These require usually higher frequency visits in the beginning and then taper off once your body is in a better state where you then transition to a maintenance program.

The truth is, once you commit to chiropractic care and your quality of life begins to improve, most people WANT to keep going to a chiropractor.

And you will quickly learn how this health maintenance practice is so important for your overall wellbeing. Having your spine and nervous system routinely checked is a key part of health and wellness as the nervous system is the operating system of your entire body and your spine is what is protecting it. When these areas are functioning well and consistently being checked for dysfunction you are giving your body a foundation for self-healing that no other profession provides.

Our practice members often report improvements in their sleep, mental clarity, better mood regulation, better immune function, better stress management and less aches and pains from things that normally would aggravate their body. While we don’t claim to “fix” any of those things specifically, having a healthier nervous system allows for better overall health, and the sky is the limit on how this may improve your life and function. With that experience, it’s easy to want to stick on a wellness / maintenance program for LIFE!

3. Chiropractic care is expensive

It seems like a lot, but comparitively chiropractic care is very cost effective. Let’s take a common condition that people see us for such as low back pain, and compare costs with traditional medical treatment. By helping prevent the need for expensive surgery, and often addictive pain medication chiropractic care can actually save you money.

Take a look:

The typical cost of spinal fusion for low back pain in Florida is: ~$43,000

The typical cost of a chiropractic care plan for low back pain is: ~$1,500-$2,000*

*pricing reflects care at Above Down Chiropractic prior to any in house discount programs offered

Addressing issues before they become too severe is the key to addressing spinal concerns conservatively and cost efficiently. Chiropractic care can not only help you to heal your spine’s present issue but can help keep it healthy in the long run well into your golden years. That is a no-brainer investment worth making in my opinion.

Have you heard of any myths about chiropractic that you’d like explained? Send me an email at so we can chat about it. It may even make it to the next blog topic!

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